Pier #32

General information

  • This pier/yard is specialized for loading coke and steam coal.
  • Max draft: the same as the river mouth and the navigational channel.
  • Max loa/beam: vessels are berthed at the pier no. 1 of the barranquilla commercial port, as they responsible for the operation at this berth. Therefore, there is not a loa/beam restriction confirmed by port administration as it will depend on port occupation and draft restriction mainly. Fyg, it has been docked vessels with loa at about 170 mtrs long.
  • The atlantic coal yard is close to this pier and vessels are loaded with a liebheer crane with a max. Capacity of 104 mt, which uses a grab of capacity at about 20 m3.
  • Max shipment loaded at the pier: about 30,000 mt coal.
  • Yards capacity: the atlantic coal yard has a capacity to stockpile about 100,000 steam coal.

Please note this berth is the old ‘atlantic coal’ terminal. The port administration of “sociedad portuaria regional de barranquilla” is currently handling the loading operations thru the pier no. 1.

They are piling the cargo in front of the vessel and loading with the above mentioned shore crane lieebher.