General Information:

  • No disembarking will take place during the stay of a vessel at monomeros piers.
  • Visitor will not be allowed to approach or board a vessel at monomeros pier.
  • Any person who needs to board a vessel to carry out inspections or any other vessel related or crew related matters must first request written authorization from monomeros directly via the ship’s agency.
  • All vessels must arrive with sufficient supplies and provisions to las during the stay at monomeros plus the duration of the return journey to the next port of call because any of those items will be allowed to be taken on board.

To ensure the safety of vessels, crew and cargo, one watchman with a dog will be placed on board each vessel at the time of berthing, inspection by the police might take place to look for illegal substances or stowaways before the vessel sails

Liquid bulk cargo.

  • Number of Piers: 1. It is the same pier 1 for dry bulk cargoes, where is alos installed the manifold for pumping this type of cargo.
  • Hose Connections: 1 x 6″.
  • Gangway Used: shore.
  • Discharge Rate for Liquid Cargo: about 170 mt/hr agw/wp.
  • Draft Restriction: 22 feet f.w. alongside

Dry bulk cargo.

  • Number of Piers: 2
  • Max. Loa: this restriction has not been determined by the port but it has docked vessels up to 180 meters long at pier 1 and 150 meters long at pier 2, so far. They are using pier no. 2 for their loadings and small shipments.
  • Max. Beam: not determined and depends on draft restriction.
  • Vessels alongside by starboard side.
  • Normal Working Hours: 24 hrs shinc.
  • Disch. Rate for Dry Bulk Cargo: about 3,500 mt/day agw/wp. It varies depending on factos as kind of cargo, holds distribution, vessel’s cranes, among others.
  • Draft Restriction: 29 feet f.w. with separting barges, but due to silting problems vessel should be fixed at 28 feet f.w.

Vessels coming in with an arrival draft more than 23 feet f.w., are docked to separting barges alongside pier and safely moored, in order to reach a deeper draft. Those separating barges are taken out immediately the vessel reachs about 23 feet f.w. for reberthing her and continue the discharge operations.