Pilot Assistance

Pilot assistance compulsory for vessels above 500 GRT coming in/out of the port as well as for shifting between piers. Pilot station/boarding position 0.5 nautical miles south of the Morro Grande light. Santa Marta port control station and pilots can be contacted on VHF channels 11, 16 and 74. A pilot ladder shall be rigged on the starboard side of each Vessel unless otherwise instructed.

There are seven docks available maximum draft as follows. Number/LOA/BEAM restrictions:

1 100 20
2 180 36
3 165 36
4 240 40
5 94 20
6 150 60
7 156 35


Tug Assistance
Compulsory for all vessels over 2,000 grt. Four tugs available.

Number of Berths
7 berthing lines for general cargo in a cove forming an inner harbour, totalling 1,085 mts. The pier No.3 is also used as liquid bulk loading/discharging dock, loading/discharging rate 120/150 mt/hour, the pier No.4 is fitted for grains discharge with suction tower and shore crane 170 m/tons per hour in to two groups of silos, pier No.4 is also used as liquid bulk loading/discharging dock loading/discharging rate 120/150 mtons per hour.

Storage Warehouses
Silos for grains handling with 52,000 metric tons capacity.
Tanks for vegetables oils with 13,500 cubic meters capacity.
Tanks for lubricating oil with 1.115.000 American gallons capacity.
Two Warehouses with 17,861 square meters.
Roofed space for chemicals with 740 square meters.
Storage in open yards with 76,019 square meters.

Shore Crane 1 100 M /Tons
Shore Crane 1 50 M /Tons
Shore Crane 1 30 M /Tons
Shore Crane 1 15 M /Tons
Floating Crane 1 80 M /Tons
Forklifts 5 7 M /Tons
Forklifts 65 3 M /Tons
Top lifters 20 20 M /Tons
Hustler sane 4
Side loader 1 7 M /Tons
Grain Suction 1 280 M /Tons

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Terminals Information

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