Location The Port of Cartagena (and Mamonal) is located inside the bay of Cartagena, at the north coast of Colombia, Lat 100318’54.68”N, Long 75035’34.74”W. Pilot station is located at Bocachica entrance channel. B.A Chart No. 2434.

Bocachica Entrance Channel Draft: 45 feet S.W. at the Navigation Channel. 45 feet S.W. at the Alternate Colonial Channel. Note: Vessels entering though the Alternate Colonial Channel must be assisted by 3 (Three) tugboats and 2 (two) pilots, the maneuvers are subject to previous authorization from the harbor master office, and restricted to early morning hours.

Pilot assistance: Pilot assistance is compulsory for entering and sailing from Cartagena Bay, as well as for shifting between berths. Pilots board vessels at the proximity of the Sea Buoy, 24/7 service maintained. Pilots contactable through marine VHF CH16/11.

Tug Assistance at piers is compulsory for all vessels over DWT 2000 MT.

Services Avalaible: Bunkers, Fresh Water, Provisions, Workshop Repairs, Dry-docks up to 3,600 DWT, Security Services (Watchmen), Class and various Inspections.


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