Operational guide for vessels arriving at Barranquilla.

  • Location: LAT: 100 580 N/LONG: 740 460 W
  • Admiralty Chart: 2259
  • Time Zone: GMT – 5 hours
  • Current Draft: 8 Meters in the river mouth and the navigational channel (it can change suddenly due to constant river waterflow changes) 
  • Windy Season: From early December to mid April. Northeasterly winds prevailing. 

General recommendations:

  •  When bunkering in port a surveyor from harbor master’s office is compulsory for pollution inspection.
  • Master/engineer must be alert about possible accidental oily water spillage, as this is heavily penalized by port authorities.
  • No garbage should be disposed into the river.
  • Do not carry out any hull/deck work without previous authorization.
  • Should Colombian flag be needed, please request in advance to be sent with boarding pilot.
  • Vessels arriving to anchorage to wait for berth or discharge at midstream, are strongly suggested to arrange armed watchmen during the night to avoid piracy onboard. This service may be arranged thru the agency in written.
  • In case of sludge disposal at Barranquilla, this may be arranged thru agency prior vessels arrival in port.
  • Masters must be prepared for a potential visit without previous notice, of the state port control surveyor leading to inspect all marpol and ship’s safety equipment onboard. Should any of this equipment be found defective/expired/etc, the vessel will be held in port until situation is solved to surveyor’s satisfaction. For cases where some of the missing/defective equipment/devices cannot be procured locally and the safety of vessel/crew may be jeopardized, the vessel will be granted clearance only until next port where the situation can be rectified.
  • When shipping spare parts for arriving vessel in port, shipping instructions must declare Barranquilla as final destination, as otherwise parts may get stucked at another airport for more than 15 days. Please bear in mind, spares require at least three working days for delivery on board.
  • For rainy periods, considering there is a lot of solid and silt in suspension in the river, the pilot company recommends the ship’s crew to verify the main engine and generators fresh water cooling system at least 6 hours prior departure.
  • The antinarcotic police dept. Has been set up a local station at the public port in order to inspect all vessels prior sailing at any of the berth within the port of Barranquilla; which may extend the vessel’s stay for some time.
  • For signing on/off crews it is very important you to send us at least 6 days prior their arrival/departure their respective flight details in order to get the immigration Dept. Authorization, as per Colombian regulations. Please note we cannot give ok to board if we do not get this authorization previously. Also note, the immigration dept. Is not authorizing the entrance/departure to crewmembers without flight details duly confirmed by airlines. Please send crewmember details with at least complete name, surname, rank, passport number and any other information you consider necessary for these crew changes. Please bear in mind on-signers with nationality that requires Colombian visa must arrive to Colombia with this document in order, as immigration dept. Is not granting visas for transit on arrival. This office is granting visas for transit for off-signers, only.

Terminals Information

If you require more information about any Terminal, please contact us through the mail: op@meridian.co